ESL Pro League S10: NAVI.GG.BET — to the LAN-final!

CS2 / News / 19 October 2019 — 10:46

Born to win will be playing in the final stage of 10th season!

After defeating fr G2 Esports (2: 1), the ua NAVI.GG.BET team will be going to the ESL Pro League S10 LAN finals! Future rivals of ua Natus VIncere will become known at the end of the second stage of the regular part of the season.

On the way to this achievement, our guys defeated ua HellRaisers on the first day of the competition(16: 7 - Inferno; 16: 7 - Dust2). The next rival was the European five eu Windigo. On the opponent’s map (Overpass), ua Natus Vincere players showed an indestructible defense and made a good start for the second half of the meeting (12: 3).

The first game, albeit with some difficulties, the guys brought to a logical conclusion - 16:7. On Inferno, the game did not start well, but at the end of the attack, the guys found a weak spot in the defense of eu WIndigo and won with a minimum difference (8 : 7). After the side switching, the Born to Win gave the opponent only three points to their name. Thus, the second game was in the bag 2-0.

In the match against fr G2, where the tickets to the LAN finals were at stake, events unfolded as follows: ua NAVI won at Overpass (16: 10), after which the Frenchy won Mirage (14: 16) and on the decisive map our guys (Dust2 - 16: 13). The best player in this match was ua s1mple (K-D — 55:34; рейтинг — 1,50; ADR — 98,6).

Congratulations to our top five in reaching the final of the ESL Pro League S10! The final stage of the tournament will be held on December 3–8. The seeding in the LAN-final will take place after the determination of its sixteen participants. We hope that our players will be well prepared for the LAN tournament and will be able to force the opponents to fight for the championship title! #navination