New event in the Rainbow Six Siege

R6 / News / 24 October 2019 — 21:06

The event will be held from October 23 to November 6!

Rainbow Six Siege has a new in-game event for Halloween: Doktor's Curse. On this occasion, a new PvP mode was introduced.

«Something’s not quite right with Doc. Soon after Theme Park closed, he moved in and made the castle his home, where he performs all sorts of disturbing experiments. In the end, he created something more evil than he intended.

The place is now crawling with Monsters, and a band of Exterminators have been called in to reclaim it. Will they be able to return things to normal, or will the fiends live to terrorize another day?» — that's exactly how the developers attracted the players.

Familiar to many there are two forces — attack and defense. But however, the characters are not quite the same. Thus, in the attack, you can see operatives — exterminators, which, among other things, will be equipped with a new Sledgehammer.

For the defense, in turn, people can play on modified operatives such as Smoke, Kapkan, Frost, Lesion, Ela. They roam the map with traps: they need to either deal with the attackers or try to stay alive until the end of the round.

In addition, new cosmetic items are available to the players that can be obtained by completing trials or making a purchase: for 300 R6 credits or 12,500 glory points for each Doktor's Curse package.