Happy Halloween from DXRacer!

News / 25 October 2019 — 10:06

Celebrate Halloween with NAVI!

In a dark, dark city, there was a dark, dark building. In that dark, dark building, there was a dark, dark room. In that dark, dark room, there was a dark, dark DXRacer chair. Near that dark, dark chair, there was a dark, dark dead man. “Give me my chair!” he screamed!

Throw your body in the chair and feel the soothing comfort of a gamers’ throne! These chairs are designed in such a way that nothing distracts you from playing. Poltergeist, zombies, or bats breaking at your window won’t scare you, because the chair provides a safe zone around it. Choose a design – a bright yellow or a dark black – that suits your crypt the most and playing with comfort!

Celebrate Halloween with ua NAVI and remember, no matter how scared you are, sit comfortably with !