BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen: Press conference

CS2 / News / 31 October 2019 — 15:12

The backstage on the eve of the tournament.

By tradition, the start of BLAST was preceded by a media day, which was attended by all participants in the tournament. After analysts and commentators, the ua Natus Vincere representatives joined the studio of the tournament organizer.

At the press conference, the guys recalled the highlights of the previous BLAST championships, tried to guess the weapon by the distorted skin on the picture, and also answered questions from Twitter.

— What do you think of SG?

sk GuardiaN: It's awful.

ua S1mple: I do not know. I don’t want it to be fixed, I just want Valve to do so that M4A4 will kill with one bullet at any distance, that’s all.

— Who is the best sniper — GuardiaN or s1mple?

ua B1ad3: ru Boombl4.

ua S1mple: Guardian is better than me, as he is more passive, which is much better for a sniper than being too proactive.

sk GuardiaN: (looks at Simple) He's probably drunk :)

— Who is the best team in the world right now?

ua S1mple: Definitely not us EG. I think dk Astralis, but definitely not ua Evil Geniuses. P¨layers of dk Astralis show more stable results at a distance, so they take away the number one position.

— What do you like to do in your spare time?

ru Boombl4: Meet friends, play table tennis or swim in the pool.

sk GuardiaN: Watch TV or play other games.

ua B1ad3: Listen to music, watch movies.

ua S1mple: Spending time with friends and also listening to music, a lot of music.

— GuardiaN, how do you feel after returning to NAVI?

sk GuardiaN: This is awesome!