BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen: Day 2

CS2 / News / 2 November 2019 — 09:26

1st game against Cloud9, 2nd against Astralis, and 3rd game against NiP

On the final day of the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen ua NAVI.GG.BET will meet with us Cloud9, dk Astralis and se NiP. The format of the matches: best of 1.

First, a duel with the five of us Cloud9 will take place, which in 2019 is experiencing serious difficulties and shows unsatisfactory results. So, after a failure in a Berlin Major, an American organization put faith on ca daps and provided him with the opportunity to build a team. However, no positive changes in the team's game have been observed so far, which has led to another reshuffle in the team(ca Tenz — ca Subroza).

As for our guys, yesterday they defeated us Liquid (16: 14 - Dust2) but failed to oppose eu FaZe Clan (9: 16 - Nuke). The match us Cloud9  ua NAVI will take place on Train, where in the last three months our guys game on the map went a little downhill (three games - three losses), but Cloud9 show quite decent results (57% winrate in seven games).

The new match will be against dk Astralis. On the eve of the championship, the Danes lost the title of the best team in the world, letting us EG pass by. However, already in Copenhagen, the Danes will have the opportunity to restore the status quo. The game between dk Astralis and ua NAVI will be held on Nuke. It's a map on which the Danish Five practically set a new record for the duration of the win streak in the first half of 2019, but stumbled in the game with fi ENCE. However, the performance of dk Astralis over the last three months is still good (9 maps - 6 wins).

The match against se NiP will conclude the group stage. The Swedish team is likely to make it to the BLAST's final tournament, but to do so in Copenhagen, the "Ninjas" will have to take anything but the last place. Before the second day, se NiP has two wins. With ua NAVI, the Swedes will play on Nuke.

Our guys have yet to play with the updated us Cloud9 roster. The last time the paths of ua NAVI and dk Astralis crossed was at the BLAST Pro Series Madrid, and back then the Danish team won (16: 13 - Dust2). The meeting with se NiP took place within the DH Masters Malmo, and then our five (2: 0) were more successful. We believe that today ua NAVI will reach the Grand Final to fight for the title of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019! #NAVINATION

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen (BO1)
November 2nd at 14: 00, 15: 20 and 16: 40 CET
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