Fast Queue in Dota 2

Dota 2 / News / 2 November 2019 — 07:04

Game developers are trying to reduce the search time for a match

Valve once again reported on their blog about the change in the matchmaking. Users can now get access to the Fast Queue.

Players in this search are a priority of the matchmaker. You need to select all the roles, after which the player is placed in a Fast Queue.

When playing solo with all the selected roles, the player earns four games in the Fast Queue. When playing in a group, if all the roles are assigned, players also can also earn Fast Queue games. Groups of two players receive two games each, groups of three - one game each. In total, you can get up to 60 Fast Queue games.

For example, a party of two, where one selected three core roles and the other two support roles, they will enter the Fast Queue for free and earn two additional Fast Queue games. Parties of five will always enter the Fast Queue, but will not earn additional games. Valve has added a new UI that should help you understand when a player or group can play in the Fast Queue.

The game developers hope that this innovation will help improve matchmaking. In the coming weeks, the company will also release updates that will affect the behavior and reporting system.