New rules for IEM tournaments

CS2 / News / 5 November 2019 — 00:31

The latest additions from ESL

Tournament organizer Intel Extreme Masters has made a number of changes to the competition rules. Now players are forbidden to kill themselves in order to prevent opponents from making money for the kill.

The rule prohibits using the console command “kill” or jumping out of the map (for example on Vertigo). There is no information about using grenades (such as Molotov cocktail). We asked StarSeries analyst ua Oleksandr "Petr1k" Petryk, who had previously on this topic, to comment on the changes:

ua Oleksandr "petr1k" Petryk
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The "kill" command hasn't been working for a long time, but the prohibition of intentional suicides is another matter. For the entire time the game has existed (for more than 7 years), I have never seen a professional team do this. And though there is a sense in such a move(to prevent your opponent from earning), pro teams still believe that it is better to go to fight and kill someone instead.

But the ESL decided to play it safe because this is actually a game error because for any other type of suicide (from your own “Molotov,” for example), the opponent is compensated. And for a falling out of the map, the game counts this kill for the "world", and not to any of the opponents. So I understand the ESL, but not the players. ”

In addition, joining the wrong team on the server is now also punishable by a penalty point. There have been changes to the championship map pools: Vertigo has been added instead of Cache. It is now prohibited to announce the selected maps before the organizer of the competition does so on the official broadcast. The coaches have also updated rules: the warnings do not apply to a single match, but to all competitions.