PGC 2019: NAVI.GG.BET to the playoffs!

PUBG / News / 9 November 2019 — 09:22

NAVI reaches the playoffs!

Group A, in which ru NAVI.GG.BET team plays is in, has completed the battles. A brief summary of the game in this article.

Match # Result Map
1 4th place (0 kills) Erangel
2 10th place (2 kills) Erangel
3 15th place (0 kills) Erangel
4 1st place (6 kills) Sanhok
5 3rd place (2 kills) Miramar
6 2nd place (6 kills) Miramar

Since only six matches were given to identify the eight strongest teams, each of the squads from the very first minutes began to demonstrate an aggressive game. The first three matches were held on Erangel, but for ru NAVI they were not successful: the teams added to their asset fourth, tenth and fifteenth places. So, our guys started the second half of the game day from the bottom of group A.

On the Sanhok, ru NAVI took a good position, which was in the circle almost until the end of the game. Several kills and quick approach facing off the opponents, in the end, provided the guys with the first place in the game and the return to the top of the group.

On the final two Miramar maps, the Born To Win got a second breath. Not wanting to miss the slot in the PGC semifinal, our squad made every effort to achieve the best result. Finishing second and third respectively, ru Natus Vincere earned enough points to enter the playoffs of the championship.

Team Kills Score
krOGN Entus Ace 34 57
eu FaZe Clan 36 54
usGhost Gaming 29 47
usTempo Storm 27 45
auVendetta 33 45
ru NAVI.GG.BET 16 41
krGen.G 28 40
krT1 22 38
cnVC Gaming 25 30
cnInfantry 18 27
jpRascal Jester 8 26
usTeam Envy 23 25
brRED Canids 16 21
twGlobal Esports Xsset 14 21
thArmory gaming 13 15
de G2 Esports 9 14

We can say that ru NAVI has successfully managed the task! Recall, the first eight teams get into the semi-finals. The rest of the teams are going to the knockout stage.

The playoffs of PGC 2019 will be held from November 15 to 17. Based on its results, 16 squads will be revealed that will compete in the grand finals for the world champion title.