Pie — Pro League Season 10 Grand Finals MVP!

R6 / News / 11 November 2019 — 09:18

The best player of the event!

gb NAVI.GG.BET standin gb Ellis "Pie" Pyart was recognized as the most valuable player of the grand finals at Pro League Season 10. Congratulations to Ellis on this achievement!

gb Pie entered the team smoothly and showed a high level of play at the event. His rating in the grand final is 1.2. K/D was + 5.

Recall that gb Pie joined gb Natus Vincere on October 15 and temporarily replaced gb Jack “Doki” Robertson for six months. Together with gb Pie , the “yellow-blacks” reached two LAN finals - Pro League Season 10 and ESL Premiership Winter 2019.