PGC 2019: Playoff Day 1 recap

PUBG / News / 16 November 2019 — 04:16

NAVI's results after the first day of the playoffs

The first day of the PUBG Global Championship 2019 playoffs is behind us. Group A and B competed among themselves. Among the participants of group B is the team ru NAVI.GG.BET.

Match # Result Map
1 1st place (7 kills) Erangel
2 12th place (2 kills) Erangel
3 14th place (0 kills) Erangel
4 2nd place (9 kills) Sanhok
5 8 place (7 kills) Miramar
6 14th place (0 kills) Miramar

The start of the semi-final stage for us began with a victory. Correct rotations and aggressive actions allowed ru NAVI to take a successful position on the map. The only thing left was to eliminate the remaining rivals, which the “yellow-blacks" managed without any troubles.

The next two matches on the Erangel for ru Natus Vincere players came out pretty hard: the guys dropped out on the twelfth and fourteenth, respectively, with almost no points. However, after the Sanhok games, the Born to Win returned to the top three teams in the standings. The squad was able to overcome heavy clashes with rivals and finished second, along the way, getting nine kills.

Final fights were held on the Miramar. The fifth game ended in eighth place, seven additional points for the kills were added to the ru NAVI's asset. The team was unable to end the day on a high note - the guys took the 14th place in the final match.

Thus, ru Natus Vincere squad took fourth place in the standings. On November 17, at 02:00 CET, the guys will battle against teams from Group C. Among them are eu FaZe Clan, cn Four Angry Men, and others. Recall that the playoffs are held on a round-robin system, each group will spend two days playing six matches each. #navination

Team Kills Points
eu Team SoloMid 44 54
usThe Rumblers 29 47
krOGN Entus Force 24 45
ru NAVI.GG.BET 25 42
usTempo Storm 24 42
twGlobal Esports Xsset 25 41
usLazarus 31 40
usGenesis 26 36
krOGN Entus Ace 21 35
vnSting Divine Esports 16 32
krGen.G 21 30
cnVC Gaming 16 27
cnQM Gaming 21 26
jpSunSister 13 23
auVendetta 7 15
cnInfantry 8 8