Support NAVI.GG.BET at PGC 2019!

PUBG / News / 19 November 2019 — 19:21

Vote for NAVI!

The grand final of the most important and final tournament of the competitive season is approaching  ! ruNAVI.GG.BET is among the participants, and right now our players need your support #navination!

Before the start of PGC 2019, the developers of the game have added related to the event, information about the participating teams, as well as the opportunity to vote for the potential champion. For the correct prediction, players will receive rewards in the form of additional skins. You can vote for your favorite team using a coupon, which can be obtained in several ways: when you get to the top 10 in any mode one coupon, when buying skins or kits with PGC 2019 symbols — one coupon.

Right now our guys are getting ready for the grand finals and they feel your incredible support. Let's unite and vote together for the ru Natus Vincere, which will show you everything they have this weekend and make every effort to give the rest of the teams a fight. Voting is available in the "PICK’EM CHALLENGE" section until November 23.

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The first matches of the final stage will begin on November 24 at 02:00 CET. The grand finals will last two days. The champion will receive $1,000,000, an impressive part of the total prize pool of $3,000,000.