Happy birthday, fear!

CS2 / News / 20 November 2019 — 01:15

Best wishes!

Today, the yellow-black camp celebrates ua Rodion “fear” Smyk's 19th birthday, who is on trial in the ua NAVI.Junior. Please join us and wish him a happy birthday!

A confident game in FPL and good individual qualities helped ua fear to get into the summer project of NAVI Esports Camp, whose goal was to form a youth squad in CS: GO. There Rodion proved himself as goal-oriented and attentive to the details player. Aside from CS:GO, ua fear has a passion for traditional sports - football. It was he who helped to develop the player's observation skills, as well as the ability to evaluate game situations in cold blood.

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Happy Birthday to Rodion and we wish you to never stop on the way to your goals. The esports journey has already begun, and we hope that ua fear will succeed in this area. #navination