NAVI Junior advance to EPICENTER 2019 Closed Qualifier

CS2 / News / 22 November 2019 — 13:19

The Born to Win move forth!

ua NAVI Junior successfully overcame EPICENTER 2019 CIS Open Qualifier. So, in the next two days, players will fight in closed qualifiers and contest the only ticket to the LAN finals. The rivals of the Born to Win, among others, will be ru forZe, by Nemiga, kz Syman, ru Team Spirit.

The guys started their journey from the match in round 1/128, where they defeated -SoF-. Further, our team successfully defeated ogosebe, M33Ac and Chiki. The final match of the day 1 saw ua NAVI Junior — ru H2L2, fight, with our guys coming out on top (16 : 13 — Vertigo). The decider fight with ua HellRaisers for the slot in the closed qualifier did not happen, as the HellRaisers had to abandon the event due to a tight schedule. 

The group stage of the tournament will take place on December 17–19, and the final part will be held on December 21–22 at the Crocus Expo center. The prize fund of the contest is $ 500,000. We believe that ua NAVI Junior players will demonstrate a good level of play and put up a fight for the only ticket to the LAN finals! #navination