ESL Premiership Winter 2019: Grand Final

CS2 / News / 23 November 2019 — 16:27

The approximate start of the match is at 19:00 CET

The final opponent of gb NAVI.GG.BET at the ESL Premiership Winter 2019 will be gb MnM Gaming. The match will be a Bo3.

Previously, gb MnM Gaming players defeated gb I'm with the boys, and they did it quite confidently - 7 : 3 on Clubhouse and 7 : 4 on Villa. But also our guys won the match against gb Fierce Esports without any problems.

It must be remembered that the gb MnM Gaming won the group stage and took the first line of the tournament table. Moreover, it was to this opponent that the “yellow-blacks” lost only once in the regular season.

For this reason, we can safely expect that the grand finals of the tournament will turn out to be extremely difficult and tense: when is the better time to take revenge if not in the final match of the championship? We will be waiting for a beautiful and, of course, a triumphant game from gb Natus Vincere! #navination

ESL Premiership Winter 2019 (best of 3)
November 23, 19:00 CET
  • neLo
  • CTZN
  • Pie
  • Kendrew
  • Saves