The Outlanders patch is here!

Dota 2 / News / 26 November 2019 — 18:54

A lot of changes and two new heroes!

Dota 2 released patch 7.23, which brought a number of changes, and also added two new heroes - Void Spirit and Snapfire. Among the important new features, it is worth mentioning the courier rework.

Void Spirit is a melee character with carrying potential and disabling ability. Snapfire, in turn, is a support with a long-range attack and high instant damage. All the features of the heroes can be found at the following .

As for couriers, now they get levels with the hero and are separate for each player. At level 5, the courier becomes flying, at 10 gets the ability to accelerate, at 15 - place wards, at 20 - the ability to shield, at 25 - can use items.

For support there's a another reason to be happy - Observer Wards are now free. And the gold is earned by the player who revealed the ward and not the player who destroys it.

For the general changes it is worth noting the increase in the maximum level of the heroes - up to 30. Upon reaching this level, the hero gains all his talents.

Also, the landscape of the map was changed, and the sideshops were completely removed from the game. In their places now there are new buildings - outposts: they can be captured, and after the capture they give experience every five minutes. You can also teleport to them, and they themselves give True Sight in a radius of 500 around them.

An interesting feature is the special items that drop from neutral creeps. The amount of such items is 62 and they are divided into categories. More details about all items (among them there are even Poor Man's Shield, Iron Talon and Ring of Aquila) can be found on the official page.

All changes to in-game items and characters can be found on the of The Outlanders. Reminder that this is the version that the DotaPro Season 2019/2020 qualification will be played on.