WESG 2019 Closed Qualifier: facing Nemiga

CS2 / News / 27 November 2019 — 14:39

The game is LIVE!

In the final of the lower bracket of the WESG 2019 closed qualifier, ua NAVI Junior and by Nemiga match will take place. The series will begin on November 27 at 14:55 CET and will be held in the Bo3 format.

Both teams received a direct invitation to the competition. The qualifying stage began unsuccessfully for the Belarusian team - the guys lost to ua 2BYL9 (1: 2). However, by Nemiga players did not despair and gave an impeccable series in the lower bracket, beating ua Bring Me The Horizon (2: 0) , ua MAJESTY (2: 0) and ua HellRaisers (2: 0). As for ua the NAVI Junior, the guys beat ua Kryvbas Gaming (2: 0) and ua MAJESTY (2: 0), but they could not oppose ua WaitForTag - 0: 2.

It is worth noting that by Nemiga does not play on Train, and Inferno is their strongest map. We hope that ua NAVI Junior players will draw conclusions from yesterday’s defeat against ua WaitForTag and will go to the final stage of the tournament! #navination

WESG 2019 Closed Qualification (BO3)
November 27 at 14: 55 CET
0: 0
NAVI Junior
  • Gospadarov
  • B1t
  • kapacho
  • Aunkere
  • Topa
  • MDS
  • box
  • hitMouse
  • lollipop21k
  • Jyo