WESG 2019 qualifier: facing FlyToMoon

Dota 2 / News / 30 November 2019 — 10:40

The match is scheduled to start at 13:00 CET

Today ua NAVI.GG.BET is waiting for one match within the CIS qualification of WESG 2019. The yellow-black rival in the best of 3 series will be zz FlyToMoon.

In the first qualifying match, the opponent defeated by Team Unique 2-0. It is worth mentioning that the teams, in general, played on the same level, but zz FlyToMoon was a little more fortunate.

The Yellow-Blacks, in turn, defeated zz jfshfh178 yesterday, while playing only one game. The opponent was late for the start of the match, so ua NAVI got a default win in the first game.

Today's match will not be the easiest: the composition of zz FlyToMoon is strong and can cause a lot of problems for our guys. But we are sure that ua Natus Vincere players have thoroughly studied the opponent and will show a good game!

WESG 2019 qualifier (best of 3)
November 30, 13:00 CET
  • Crystallize
  • MagicaL
  • 9pasha
  • Mag
  • Dark

  • xannii
  • Iceberg
  • Undershock
  • CemaTheSlayer