NAVI Junior invited to Winter Clash

CS2 / News / 2 December 2019 — 16:39

A new opportunity for our guys!

ua NAVI Junior received a direct invitation to the Winter Clash tournament. In total, eight invites were provided (six for the CIS and two for Europe), which, in addition to our team, received ru Dracarys, dk Lungby Vikings, ua WaitForTag, ua MAJESTY, ru ESPADA, bg Skade, ru Unique.

The remaining eight slots went to teams from open qualifications. It has been revealed that the final stage of the tournament will be held from December 3 to 10. The prize fund of the championship will be 700,000 Russian rubles.

In the last week, the Born to Win performed in several qualifiers and achieved good results. So, the guys successfully passed the EPICENTER 2019 open qualification, but in the first round of the closed qualifier, they faced ru forZe and lost with the score 0: 2.

At the same time, our players took part in the WESG 2019 closed qualification, where they were one step away from entering the next stage. Unfortunately, the guys took third place, losing first to ua WaitForTag and in the final of the lower bracket — by Nemiga. We hope that at the tournament,ua  NAVI Junior players will please us with the preparation and good games of Counter-Strike! #navination