ESL Pro League S10 Finals: NAVI.GG.BET — to the playoffs!

CS2 / News / 5 December 2019 — 17:42

NAVI.GG.BET will play at «Arena Fyn»!

After defeating br MIBR, ua NAVI.GG.BET guaranteed themselves a place in the playoffs. The match with us EG determined who would go to the semifinals and who would begin the journey from the quarter-finals in the final stage of the tournament. Our five turned out to be stronger than the American team (2-1) and so their next match will be on Saturday!

The path of ua Natus Vincere in the tournament began with a victory over cn TYLOO (16:6 - Dust2). In the second match of this day, the Born to Win had to meet the Brazilian five br MIBR. Before that, the Brazilians beat eu FaZe Clan and sent the Europeans to fight for survival in the lower bracket.

The game with br MIBR began with the map choice of the Brazilian team - Train. Our team started with the CT side and gained a solid advantage before the switching sides(12: 3). Although with some difficulties, the guys managed to bring it to a logical conclusion and celebrate the victory on Dust2 (16 : 8). Next was the turn of ua Natus Vincere to choose a map - it was Dust2.

As you can see, the guys chose not to reinvent the wheel and decided to rely on the same map, on which they played with the Chinese. ua NAVI started in the attack and as on the previous map, gained a good lead before changing sides (12 : 3). In defense, they just had to not give up the first rounds and get the rest of the points. The guys managed with this task successfully, allowing br MIBR to take only one point. The outcome is a victory on Nuke (16:12) and the best of 3 match in the pocket (2:0).

Such end of the match with br MIBR provided ua NAVI with at least a slot in the quarterfinals, and with us EG our team had to play for a place in the semifinals. The American team gave a good fight against ua Natus Vincere, but we managed to come out on top. The final result is a victory with a score of 2 : 1 (12: 16 - Dust2; 16: 5 - Mirage; 16: 11 - Nuke) and a slot in the semifinals!

It is worth noting that ru Denis “ electronic ” Sharipov and ua Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev became the best players of ua NAVI in the group stage, who completed this part of the tournament in the first (rating - 1.53) and second (rating - 1.48) places, respectively. In addition, Denis led the list of players with the highest damage on average per round (98.5) and showed the most open frags per round (0.18), while Sasha became the best in terms of frags per round (0.94) and died the least, on average per round (0.46).

Congratulations to our five with a good performance at the group stage and reaching the semifinals! The final stage of the tournament will be held on December 6–8, and ua NAVI will recognize their opponent at the end of Friday's matches. We hope that our players will study the next opponent in detail and will reach the grand final of the tournament! #navination