GLL Wingman IX Pro: Start of the Grand Final

PUBG / News / 7 December 2019 — 11:53

The matches will start at 16:00 CET

Today the Grand Final duels in the framework of the GLL Wingman IX Pro Duo Tournament will begin. The matches will feature duos ru Bestoloch + ru Kemba777 and ru POKAMOLODOY + ru BatulinS.

Start time (CET) Bestoloch + Kemba777 POKAMOLODOY + BatulinS Map Match page
16:00 5 place (7 kills) 12 place (2 kills) Sanhok
16:30  8 place (2 kill) 26 place (0 kills) Erangel
17:00 21 place (1 kill) 23 place (1 kill) Erangel
17:30 26 place (1 kill) 13 place (1 kill) Miramar
18:00 27 place (0 kills) 15 place (2 kills) Miramar
18:30 9 place (4 kills) 17 place (3 kills) Miramar

Regions of Latin and North America, EMEA and CIS take part in the tournament. In total, 31 duo teams participated in the qualifying matches from the CIS region. ru Bestoloch + ru Kemba777 had no problems dealing with the opponents and after three days of battles took the first place in the standings. The duo ru POKAMOLODOY and ru BatulinS also successfully qualified for the grand finals, taking the seventh position.

The final stage of the tournament will be held from December 7 to 8. Sixteen of the best players from the CIS will be merged with sixteen of the best from EMEA, the duets of North and Latin America will be merged in the same way. The prize pool for each united region will be $ 50,000. We wish the ru Natus Vincere players best of luck and we are waiting for you to tune in on the broadcast! #navination

You can also follow the tournament on the .

Points system

1st place - 10 points
2nd place - 6 points
3rd-4th places - 5 points
5-6th places - 4 points
7-8th places - 3 points
9-10th places - 2 points
11-12th places - 1 point
13th place and below - 0 points

For each kill, the team receives an additional point.