Apex Legends Mirage Holo-Day Bash event

APEX / News / 13 December 2019 — 13:08

The event will be live from December 12 to January 7

Another limited-time event hits Apex Legends servers — Mirage Holo-Day Bash collection event is here! It's going to be live from December 12 to January 7. New game mods, new sets, and new challenges await the players. Let's take a more detailed look.

First on the list is the Winter Express — point-capture, non-battle royale. All players (3 teams of 3) will starts with a predetermined loadout at the beginning of the match and will be able to change Legends mid-game.  The first team to three captures wins.

Next up, challenges. Over the course of the event, various challenges will become available, with plenty of rewards for completion, including Legendary skins.

Image courtesy of EA Games

Another mode, Mirage Voyage, promises to be just as exciting as the first one. Pick your Legend and get the party started with a press of a button. Don't forget to grab your firearm, though — you will need it!

24 limited time, holiday-themed cosmetics have also gone live with the event. They are available through direct purchase and in Event Apex Packs for the duration of the event. If you manage to collect all 24 during the event, you will get Pathfinder Heirloom set for free; otherwise, it will be available as an Apex Pack bonus later. Each pack will contain 1 event item and 2 non-event items, with the following odds:

Image courtesy of EA Games

Finally, an icing on the Holo-Day cake — double XP weekend. From 10 am PST on December 13th through 10 am PST on December 16th, the players will be receiving double XP for everything. So hurry up and join the fun!