Recalling NAVI history: part 2

News / 17 December 2019 — 17:00

We continue to revisit the history of the lineups!

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the ua NAVI.GG.BET organization, we recall the history of the teams that defended or currently continue to defend our colors. In of the article, we talked about FIFA, Rage of Titans, StarCraft II, League of Legends, World of Tanks, Infinite Crisis, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. Now it's time to move on to the second part of our story!

Quake Champions (2017 — present)


In September 2017, a new division was formed in ua NAVI, where the legendary Quake Champions player ru Anton “COOLLERZ” Singov was invited to.

The division existed until May of the following year. During this time, Anton won in the 125 FPS QC Duel Sunday Cup # 7, "CyberBattle" and the Moscow Championship, and also came second at the MediaMarkt City Battle and took third place at the Quake World Championship 2017.

In the fall of 2019, by Alexey “CypherYanushevsky began to combine the role of the coach in Apex Legends and a player in Quake Champions. In November, Alexey participated in the .

Paladins (2017 — 2019)


At the end of August 2017, WESA and Hi-Rez Studios announced the creation of the Paladins Premier League, where ten teams were invited, including ua Natus Vincere. The Born to Win took the European lineup under their wing, who had previously played for eu WASD Sports and included the following players: nl Kai “Faenex” van Duppen, fi Kari “Mutu” Parviainen, ee KevinUNBELIVABLE” Rahu, pl Pavel “Creativs2Majszyk, fi Teemu spunkkiTenhunen.

The team immediately lived up to the fans' hopes: first, they won the Go4Paladins Europe Cup #22 and #23, and in the New Year holidays became the world champion, beating one of the strongest rivals at that time — eu Fnatic, with a score of 4 : 0 in the  Grand Final.

However, the guys could not continue to dominate the other teams in the spring split. Despite the fact that eu NAVI took second place in the regular season, the team looked uncertain against the very same eu Fnatic's five, which after losing the world championship has noticeably gained shape.

The Born to Win, they succeeded at the Paladins Masters Spring 2018 and took first place, after which the team faced their first changes: in May, ee Kevin "UNBELIVABLE" Rahu was  by the eu Ninjas in Pyjamas player dk Kevin "Laizy" Jensen. The updated line-up required a little time to get things going, but already in Paladins Summer Finals 2018 in July, they came out victorious.

The autumn split of the Paladins Premier League ended with the triumph for eu Natus Vincere. The yellow-blacks won the regular league, defeating all their opponents in all eight matches and earned a ticket to the World Championship. And there, the guys took the second place.

Alas, the results were getting worse and worse, and the substitutions of the team members did not lead to any improvements. At the Paladins World Championship 2019, eu NAVI lost the first match and this was one of the main reasons for disbanding and terminating the division.

Throughout its history, the Paladins team has earned over $ 175,000.

PUBG (2018 — present)


In 2017, the Battle Royale genre became quite popular among thousands of gamers, thanks in large part to the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, released in March. At that time, for many, MOBA receded to the second priority, and esports clubs began to think about the rosters, because the competitive scene in this game was developing quite rapidly.

After observing the discipline, in the spring of 2018 ua NAVI with one of the strongest at that time CIS teams named ru Grubie, which included ru Vadim “POKAMOLODOY” Ulshin, ru Ivan “ubah” Kapustin, ru Dmitrii Shade1Roshchin and ru Sviatoslav DrainysKomissarov.

Within a few weeks, the team went to their first LAN finals under the banner of ua NAVI — . There, the ru Natus Vincere quartet handled the strongest squads of eu FaZe Clan and us Ghost Gaming without any issues. ru NAVI won not only the first place but also the love of many fans.

In July of the same year, the team took part in the CIS qualifiers of the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 and successfully secured the slot. At the tournament itself, the team took fourth place in the FPP mode and tenth place - in the third-person mode.

In November, it was announced that the team would face some changes. ru POKAMOLODOY remained from the old squad and he's been joined by ru Aleksandr "BatulinS" Batulin, ru Dmitrii  Recrent” Osintsev and ru Artyom "Sadovnik" Danilyuk. Shortly after that, the renewed team won first place in the online tournament the Unique League Season 2, and then pleased the fans with high results in duo tournament the GLL Wingman VI and Unique League Season 3.

However, after the unsuccessful first phase of the PUBG Europe League in 2019, the club management was forced to take action. ru POKAMOLODOY again remained in the squad, and ru Roman “ADOUZ1E” Zinovev, ru Andrey Bestoloch” Ionov and ru Arsenii ceh9Ivanychev replaced ru Recrent, ru BatulinS and ru Sadovnik.

Together, the guys took second place in the second phase of PEL and fourth place in the third phase. Following the results of all phases, the team made it to the World Championship, where they fought with the strongest teams from several regions and took .

Despite this result, the club was forced to renew the team. ru Arsenii "ceh9" Ivanychev and ru Andrey "Bestoloch" Ionov in the roster. The full team will be announced early next year.

Fortnite (2019)


Fortnite became another rather popular “battle royal” that NAVI became interested in at the beginning of 2019. of organization fell on two young Swedes who had long been performing in duo — se Viggo “BowmanHahnsson and se Daniel “AlphaAmonsJohansson. While in ua NAVI, the guys took the 20th place in the ESL Katowice Royale LAN tournament, and se Bowman entered the top 10 of the Secret Skirmish tournament along with eu Team Liquid representative us Noah “Vivid” Wright.

However, the duo couldn't make it to the first Fortnite World Cup, the prize fund of which was $30 million, and this result was the main reason for the disbanding of the squad. defending the colors of the organization are nl Levi "lnuef" Edelijn and nl Quinten "Quinten" Van Der Zijpp. The guys stated themselves at the qualifying stage of the World Cup and managed to win the cherished slot to the final stage of the tournament.

At Fortnite World Cup, the updated roster placed 44th and earned $ 100,000.

Despite the impressive prize pools and popularity of the game, ua NAVI to stop funding this area and close the Fortnite division.

Rainbow Six: Siege (2019 — Present)


The evolving esports scene of this game has attracted the attention of many clubs, including Natus Vincere. In February, NAVI the opening of a new division, and in March the . The team included former de Mock-it Esport players: de Niklas “KSMassierer, de Jan “ripzHucke, de Lucas “koreyZwingmann, de Pascal “CRYNNNAlouane and de Lasse “LazzoKlie.

The composition debuted in Pro League Season 9, but did not live up to expectations and fell into the Challenger series. To this regard, the Natus Vincere organization, in June introduced , which was composed of players from gb MnM Gaming: hr Leon “neLo” Pesić, gb Ben “CTZN” McMillan, gb Jack “Doki” Robertson, gb Luke “Kendrew” Kendrew, pl Szymon SavesKamieniak. After that, the results of ua Natus Vincere in this discipline improved significantly.

In July, the Yellow-Blacks won the championship, but then, during the Pro League, one of the players, gb Doki, received a from ESL. Despite this fact, the team has not lost the desire to win and a confident attitude. To the Born to Win's rescue gb Ellis "Pie" Pyart. Together with the substitute player, gb NAVI the strongest representatives of the R6S scene, eu G2 and ru Team Empire, within the framework of the online stage of the Pro League S10. A trip to the LAN finals is in the pocket!

In addition, the team easily the qualifying stage of ESL Premiership Winter 2019.

A series of victories continued in the LAN final of Pro League S10, which took place in Japan. It was there, where NAVI won after showing an incredibly strong game. The MVP of the tournament was gb Pie, the team's substitute, and gb CTZN set for the number of frags.

The final tournament of the year was the winter ESL Premiership — for NAVI. This year was remembered by a series of outstanding victories for both fans and the gb NAVI.R6 players themselves.

After completing the season on a major note, the squad went on a winter vacation, waiting along the way for the Six Invitational, which will be held in February 2020.

Apex Legends (2019 - Present)


In April, the esports club ua Natus Vincere a division for Apex Legends, another game in the Battle Royale genre. The team includes players known to all Quake fans: by Alexei cYpheRYanushevsky and by Nikita “clawzMarchinsky. A little later they were  by ru Artem  "pkmk" Nechaev, who previously could be seen in Overwatch.

The first tournaments in the team's schedule were the and .

In July, by cYpher moved to the position of coach, and ru Kirill “9impulse” Kostiv became the  of the roster.

The debut event for the new line-up was the Twitch Rivals: Road To TwitchCon qualification, where two spots to the LAN tournament in San Diego were played out. The qualifying stage was completed without any issues: the guys participated in eight fights, taking twice a first place and in total getting 70 kills. This result allowed the team to take the second place and win a slot to the main phase of the competition, as well as get a chunk of the prize fund in the amount of $ 5 227.

Another second place was taken at a three-day tournament called the .

In addition, by clawz and by 9impulse were promoted to the Apex Predator title for the highest number of kills in the final matches. In addition to $ 75,000 for second place, our players received $ 2,666 each.

Just a few days later, at the TwitchCon in San Diego, the trio added another second place to their asset. The prize money amounted $28,750.

After the LAN finals, the line-up : ru Dmitry “Fyzu” Petrov took the place of ru pkmk. The team made its debut in the tournament by GLL and took fifth place.