[UPDATED] GLL Apex Legends Series - EMEA: results

APEX / News / 16 December 2019 — 10:52

NAVI is in top 4!


seAlliancehas broken the tournament rules(healing in a forbidden zone), and lost the points earned on that map. So,byNAVI.GG.BETis now on the fourth place.

GLL Apex Legends Series - EMEA has recently ended; for 2 days by NAVI.GG.BETfought with 19 more teams for a share of $ 25 000 prize pool.

The championship was full of difficulties for the “yellow-blacks”. So, after the first game day, our guys were only on the 15th line of the tournament table.

This happened because the first day wasn't particularly successful: the highest achievement of by Natus Vincere was sixth place in the third round, as well as six frags. In the remaining rounds, the situation was better.

Final standings:
Place Team Points
1 ruLuminosity Gaming 112
2 se 96
3 euTeam Reciprocity 91
4 byNAVI.GG.BET 89
5 seAlliance 87
6 euk1ck eSports Club 78
7 euPepega Squadron 76
8 euFnatic 68
9 seWheizen 63
10 euSoaR 62
11 ru Gambit Esports 59
12 fi G2 Esports 53
13 frCOOLER Esport 49
14 fr GamersOrigin 48
15 euSamsung Morning Stars 47
16 gbThe Brotatoes 46
17 itFerrariBreach 43
18 ptLazarus 42
19 ruHot Drops 40
20 ruThis Is The Way 7

On the second day, the position of the Born to Win improved significantly. In the first round, our guys took the second place, having scored a significant number of frags - 15!

The next two rounds were not the most successful - only 13th and 11th places, but after that by NAVI managed to show a good game on three maps in a row, taking fifth, seventh and third places respectively. Moreover, in the last round, the “yellow-blacks” scored 14 frags straight, thanks to which they managed to break into the top five.

by Natus Vincere won $ 1,600 and showed a good game in an updated line-up. The guys from ru Luminosity Gaming became the champion of the tournament: they beat the nearest pursuer by 8 points.

Natus Vincere roster:

by Nikita "clawz" Marchinsky by Kirill "9impulse" Kostiv ru Dmitry "fyzu" Petrov