Natus Vincere is 10 years old!

News / 17 December 2019 — 10:21

NAVI is 10!

Our club celebrates a decade since its foundation! Let's talk about what is truly important on this day.

Our story began in 2009 when several people got excited about creating their own esports team. Now ua NAVI, a few years later, is one of the leading esports clubs in the world. Now ua NAVI is players, employees and hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. 

Today we express our sincere gratitude to everyone who is involved in the development of our club.

To the players. Throughout the 10 years of ua NAVI, our esportsmen took part in more than one hundred and sixty grand finals and earned over $ 10,000,000 in total. More than a hundred players were a part of the organization and, we are sure, gave it their best in every tournament, every game. Diligence, the desire for victory and the desire for self-improvement - these are the qualities that are inherent in players under the tag ua Natus Vincere

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To the fans. Our fans, the huge army of #navination, whose support we feel from almost anywhere in the world — without them we would not be who we are now. It doesn’t matter whether you are live in the venue or watching our matches on the streams, we feel your incredible energy.

Our club had both dizzying ups and bad falls. And we appreciate those who remain true to the tag no matter what.  

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To the staff. Most of these people remain behind the scenes and many of them are not known to the general public. However, all of them — operators, designers, authors, editors, managers, coordinators, and many others - make a huge contribution to the development of the club and work tirelessly. Our employees do not just do their job, no. ua NAVI is the love of the tag that has settled in our hearts forever.

We are proud to be part of ua NAVI and thank those who are with us. There are still many interesting discoveries, bright victories, and incredible achievements. Happy Birthday, ua Natus Vincere