Apex Legends Global Series — a series of tournaments by EA and Respawn Entertainment

APEX / News / 18 December 2019 — 00:13

There will be 12 tournaments in total!

EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced a series of tournaments for the Apex Legends — Apex Legends Global Series. The total prize pool of the competition is more than $ 3,000,000.

There will be 12 LAN-championships organized by such studios as PGL and GLL as well as developers themselves. Online qualifications will be held on the Battlefy platform: the start of the first qualifying matches is scheduled for January.

Teams will receive points for participating in online events and some LAN tournaments. The teams with the most points will receive invitations to Major championships, which are part of the Apex Legends Global Series.

In the first three Major Championships there will be 100 teams in each championship, and the fourth championship will be a kind of Grand Final. Only 60 of the best teams from around the world will be invited to it, who will fight for a prize pool of $ 1,000,000, and the title of a champion.

All four Major Championships will have a scoring system, as in the Preseason Invitational tournament. Recall that the team needs to get to a certain amount of points, and to win one of the next rounds.

The first competitions that are part of the Apex Legends Global Series will start on January 25th. Participating teams can earn qualification points, as well as an invitation to the first Major tournament, which will be held March 13-15, 2020 at the Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas, USA.