LBET Invitational 2: facing Invictus Gaming

CS2 / News / 22 December 2019 — 19:48

The game starts at 15:00 CET

In the first round of LBET Invitational 2, ua NAVI Junior will fight cn Invictus Gaming. The match will begin on December 23 at 15: 00 CET and will be held in the best of 3 format.

Like ua NAVI Junior, cn IG received a direct invitation to the tournament. One of the last tournaments for our squad was Winter Clash 2019, where the guys reached the quarter-finals and lost to ua MAJESTY. As for cn IG, the squad recently took part in the WESG 2019 regional qualifier (places 5–6), and a little earlier they made their way to the big tournament - StarSeries S8 (places 13–16).

Over the past three months cn IG have performed well on Mirage (win rate 79%) and Overpass (71%). In addition, the Chinese five have a permanent ban map — Inferno. We believe that ua NAVI juniors will prepare for the game and will go to the next stage of the tournament! #navination

LBET Invitational 2 (BO3)
December 23 at 15: 00 CET
NAVI Junior
  • Gospadarov
  • B1t
  • kapacho
  • Aunkere
  • Topa
      Invictus Gaming
  • Koshak
  • V4D1M
  • expro
  • flying
  • sPiNacH