Dota 2 Spring Cleaning is live!

Dota 2 / News / 1 February 2018 — 20:06

Spring Cleaning is here!

It has been a while since the last major patch hit, but today, as part of the 6-months biweekly update program, Valve has rolled out Spring Cleaning update, containing various QOL improvements and changes. Let's go over some of the most important changes together!

Redesigned player profile

Courtesy of Valve

Perhaps, one of the most widely-asked updates was that to the player profile. Spring Cleaning has completely revamped the look of the profile. Aside from the previously existing pentagon of most recent 20 games, as well as the last game, now the most recent games are also displayed on the profile right away, as well as the most successful heroes of a particular player. However, the detailed stats, such as GPM and XPM, are hidden from the people not on the friends list.

Now, you can place up to 3 featured heroes, with the cosmetics equipped on the page, for everyone to see that great set of yours! Not only that, the background of the profile can be changed to one of the loading screens you own - a very good use for them, now that they are almost never used during the loading times.

Gameplay Changelog Notifications

Courtesy of Valve

Does a Broodmother have an idea Webs do not give invisibility anymore? Is Windranger aware she can run while Focus Firing? Valve made sure players stay on top of the patch changes by introducing the notifications - the most recent changes to the heroes in the current match can be evoked easily, so this is surely a big step towards making sure the players are aware of the changes and don't have to learn them the hard way.

Last Hit Trainer and Buyback Notifications

Courtesy of Valve

Last hitting is a mechanic that is vital to any player of any role, be it a position 5 support or an offlaner. Before, there were custom games that people used to practice their last-hitting skills, but now, Valve made it easier by introducing their own trainer! Located in Learn tab under Training, Last Hit Trainer allows you to warm up even while queueing.

Buybacks also became easier to track, as now the status is displayed not only in the kill feed, where it can be stickied for 45 seconds, but also in the hero portrait area. Now it will be easier to identify the critical target for your team to protect, and make sure your Terrorblade has the buyback before engaging.

Live Pro Circuit Tournament Tab

Courtesy of Valve

As the Dota Pro Circuit progresses towards The International, it should be easy to tune in for a stream without a scavenger hunt. Now when a Major or Minor is live, you'll see a dedicated front-page cell in the client. Clicking that button will launch your web browser to watch the stream.

Strategy Phase Item Pooling and TP Status

Courtesy of Valve

Strategy Phase Item Pooling could save you some time when heading into the game. It is unlikely it will become a real game-changer, but it surely is a nice change, as now you won't have to chase your supports, or your cores, for a tango, as they can be pooled before you get into the map.

Teleport Scrolls are some of the most important items throughout the entire game, and even more so during the early stages, where a timely gank or a TP save could make or break a lane. Now, you will always be able to tell if your teammates can come help you out by simply hitting ALT - that will show the cooldowns on the teleportation items (Town Portal Scrolls and Boots of Travel 1 & 2). 

Matchmaking: 6 months bans and Language Factor

Courtesy of Valve

The new system of bans has been rolled out - Low Priority queue is not the only way of punishment anymore. As part of the update, Valve introduced 6 months bans as a measure taken against those who frequently break the rules and receive reports. Those who are very likely to receive it will get a notification about it first, and they still would have a chance to avoid the ban by correcting what they were doing.

Language, as has been pointed out a lot by many users, seemed to be not a deciding factor still. While we cannot say as of yet what has changed in the algorithm, the patch notes state that now, more attention will be paid to the languages chosen while in the queue, which will improve communication and make the game more enjoyable in general.

Custom Game Arcade Revamp, Servers and Matchmaking Penalties

Courtesy of Valve

Custom games were one of the issues where the Dota 2 community had some of its strongest sentiments. The experience of custom games was somewhat underwhelming due to the design of the Arcade tab in general. Valve made a good effort to re-construct the tab, so now it gives an easier access to lobby lists and Game of the Day. It cannot be said for certain whether or not this will give a second wind to the games, but it surely a welcomed change!

Another topic was the abandons and disconnects during the Custom Games. It was quite frustrating indeed to have half of the team leave, and be stuck in a 5v10 for the rest of the game - this kind of experience is hardly nice for anyone. Now, custom game creators have the freedom to choose whether they want to impose bans on those that abandon or not. This can make the players reconsider the attitude towards the custom games and start taking them a bit more seriously.

Finally, Dedicated Servers are now enabled by default for all custom games. It means that if you create a really good custom game, but your PC is incapable of hosting a lobby to give you and your friends a good experience - Valve has got you covered, as you will be able to publish your game and have it run on a dedicated server to ensure the best experience for all.

Color-Coded Teleports and Tower Damage

Courtesy of Valve

In addition to the visible hero outline on incoming teleportation effects, heroes will have a color-coded ring around them that corresponds to the player's top-bar color when they use Teleport.

Courtesy of Valve

As you chip away at your enemy's towers—or watch from afar as they do the same to yours—the visual condition of the structures will begin to deteriorate, before crumbling down altogether. Note that this feature has already existed before, but then was removed, and now restored back.

Heroes and Items

The 7.08 also introduced some balancing changes into the game, buffing and nerfing heroes and items. Some of the most notable item changes are:

  • Black King Bar cooldown rescaled from 80/75/70/65/60/55 to 70
  • Blink Dagger cooldown increased from 12 to 14
  • Meteor Hammer cooldown reduced from 40 to 28

For the full changelog, please refer to the official . Share your thoughts in the comments below - what changes do you like the most, the least? What hero has been nerfed to the ground, and who has been buffed? In the coming days, we will release some more articles, discussing some of the most important changes of the patch, so stay tuned!