LBET Invitational 2: facing DreamEaters

CS2 / News / 25 December 2019 — 15:32

The game starts at 15:00 CET

The first round of LBET Invitational 2 will see ua NAVI Junior — ru DreamEaters fight. The match will begin on December 25 at 15: 00 CET and will be held in the best of 3 format.

Just like ua NAVI Junior, ru DreamEaters received a direct invite to the tournament. Both teams failed the first round: ua NAVI Junior lost to cn IG (1: 2), and ru DreamEaters turned out to be weaker than rs Juggernauts. Having changed the roster, the Russian team took part in WePlay! Forge of Masters Season 2, where they finished the run in the group stage.

In the last three months ru DreamEaters have not played many matches. So now the team's best maps are Dust2 and Train, with 50% winrate on both after 2 games on each. Most often, the opponent played their series on Overpass (1 victory and 2 losses) and Inferno (1 victory and 3 losses). We believe ua NAVI Junior will be able to beat ru DreamEaters and advance further! #NAVINATION

LBET Invitational 2 (BO3)
December 25 at 15: 00 CET
0: 0
NAVI Junior
  • Gospadarov
  • B1t
  • kapacho
  • Aunkere
  • Topa
  • minse
  • Kas9k
  • Quantium