Happy birthday Edward!

CS2 / News / 28 December 2019 — 10:31

The legendary player's birthday!

On this winter Saturday, the Born to Win celebrate a notable date — the birthday of a legendaryuaNAVI.GG.BET CS 1.6 and CS:GOplayer uaIoann "Edward"Sukhariev. The famousPistol Kingturns32!

uaEdward was among the first to put on the yellow-black uniform, he was there during the foundation of the club, and had a very long and fruitful journey withuaNatus Vincere. He was growing and developing together with the Born to Win and achieved a lot of milestones and personal records with the Born to Win.

Being under the yellow-black banners for 9 years, uaEdward gathered an army of fans, gifted many memorable moments to the team and the viewers, and proved himself to be a caring, kinda, and experienced teammate.

We wish the player many happy returns and thank him for the incredible dedication, wisdom, and the contribution to the development of our club. On behalf ofuaNatus Vincere we wishuaEdwarda happy birthday. May all the goals Ioann sets for himself be achieved.

Join the celebration! #navination