NAVI invited to GG.BET ICE Challenge

CS2 / News / 31 December 2019 — 21:14

The Born to Win to perform in London!

In early February, GG.BET together with ICE London will host a tournament in London. The tournament will bring together eight teams. The prize pool of the championship will be $ 250,000.

Recall that in 2019 GG.BET and ICE London already held a tournament of this kind. However, last time only four teams got the opportunity to attend the tournament, and the prize pool was only $ 50,000.

The venue of the matches will be the exhibition center "ExCeL London", where at this time the international exhibition "ICE London" will be held — from 4 to 6 February. At the moment, among the invited teams are ua NAVI, dk Heroic and kz AVANGAR (so far there has been no clarification: whether the organization or current kz players will receive this slot). The rest of the participants will also be identified through invites. We believe that ua NAVI players will take the opportunity to hone their skills and start the year 2020 by winning the tournament! #navination