S1mple nominated for the best highlight of the decade

CS2 / News / 31 December 2019 — 21:28

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On the official CS: GO twitter, the voting began for the best highlight of the decade. Eight highlights had already been selected, which were divided into two polls.

The moment with double no scope from ua Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev was on the list of nominees. Sasha’s rivals included pl Janusz “Snax Pogorzelski and his clutch (1 vs 4) on Cobblestone, two se olofmeister's highlights, a Deagle ace by fr Happy and others.

Thus, the two choices from each survey that will get the most votes will go through to the final stage. Exactly half of the moments from the previous stage will reach the final, where it will be decided which highlight in CS:GO was the best in the last ten years. Voting will last 24 hours.