NAVI Junior at the DH Open Leipzig 2020

CS2 / News / 11 January 2020 — 17:50

The summary of the Natus Vincere.Junior's performance.

On January 10, the DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020 qualification round ended, in which the five of ua NAVI Junior took part. Born to Win reached Round of 16, where they met with kz Winstrike. The match was held in the best of 1 format, the victory with the score 22 : 20 (Dust2) was celebrated by the rivals.

On the way to this round of the competition, ua NAVI Junior beat Arena Bulls (16: 5 - Mirage), Ha MaSSe (16: 11 - Dust2), Cream Esports (16: 12 - Dust2) and Robin Hoodzi (16: 8 - Overpass). In total there were four tickets to the closed qualifiers, where only two teams would have a chance to play in the LAN-final.

We managed to ask ua NAVI Junior coach Amiran "Ami" Rehviashvili some questions about the recent qualification.

Tell us a little about the past qualifying stage of DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020. How would you rate the performance of ua NAVI Junior in this qualification? Please analyze the game with Winstrike in a kz brief manner. What was the reason that the guys couldn't win?

uaAmiran "Ami" Rekhviashvili
Coach NAVI.Junior

“It turned out to be a fun qualification. We played six matches, the most interesting was the third match: we got matched up with cheaters and didn't have a chance to give a proper fight. Wherever we went, we were met everywhere by four people with all the grenades. Then we restructured our game and started just to run fast from the opponents to not give them a chance to rotate. I also contacted the tournament administrators, after which they began to closely monitor our game. With the score 11 : 11 four rival players got kicked because of anti-cheat, and we advanced further. Because of this, they had to redo the bracket, as a result of which we started the next games with a delay of 2 hours. It is strange that tournaments of this level and platform are not provided with a good anti-cheat.

I would also highlight the game with the former roster of pl (now playing under the name of Robin Hoodzi). We played Overpass — for us, this is still a new and difficult map, but the guys did everything very good, that we discussed and prepared. There were minor problems on the defense side, but playing for the attack, we confidently ended with the score 16: 8. It is very important that we can already not only create inconveniences but also beat such teams.

The hardest, of course, was the last match with kz Winstrike. We started playing around 3:30 Kyiv time. All the players were very tired since we still have little experience playing on long, grueling qualifications. We did not have enough strength: several critical mistakes were made that influenced the result. As a result, we lost with a score of 20: 22.

Despite the disappointing defeat, I am very happy for the guys: they showed good preparation and gained valuable experience that will help us in the future. Over the past three months, the guys have greatly added to the aim and began to better understand the macro game. I am sure we are on the right track. "

Is it exhausting to play 6 matches a day for the young players? Don't you think it would be more appropriate to dedicate more time for qualification?

- To be honest, I have not played in such difficult qualifications for a very long time. And with the young players, I was reminded of how exhausting it was. Of course, we would like to divide the qualification into two balanced days (now on the second day only a match for a place in a closed qualification). Nevertheless, everyone is on equal conditions, and we are not complaining about anything. This is an experience for us, first of all, not only in the game but in the competent management of the distribution of strengths. I am sure that in the future this will make us stronger.