Doki, jahk and N1ghtEnd — about Six Invitational 2020 groups

R6 / News / 20 January 2020 — 16:00

Thoughts on NAVI's group and other quartets

gb Jack "Doki" Robertson, fr Cyril "jahk" Renoud and by Yaroslav "N1ghtEnd" Klochko shared their thoughts about Six Invitational 2020 group stage. Our team ended up in group B with eu Rogue, us Team SoloMid and us Spacestation Gaming.

About Natus Vincere group

Gorup B: gb NAVI, eu Rogue, us Team SoloMid, us Spacestation Gaming

gbJack "Doki" Robertson
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I think we are in a really tough group, with all teams being strong contenders to win the whole event. However this does not discourage me or anyone in the team, we are going to the Invitational to win it — if we come anything but 1st we are losers. To be the best and win the event, we must be able to beat every team there — playing stronger teams first will only prepare us better for the rest of the event.

frCyril "jahk" Renoud

Our group is what we call a group of death, as it is composed of some the best teams in EU & NA, but if we want to pretend to be the new Six Invitational Champions, we need to beat everyone.

eu Rogue, which is actually top 3 in PL EU, is a team we know well and where our matches are always tight and interesting (draw this season).

us Team SoloMid and us Spacestation Gaming are part of the top tiers teams in NA. Actually Top 1 & Top 3 this season it will be a real challenge to play against them! I’m happy that we have to face us Team SoloMid. us Bagel, a good friend and my ex-mate from Mkers is now working with them and I’m in a hurry to show him why we are "Born to Win" :D

byYaroslav "N1ghtEnd" Klochko

I think I will not be mistaken if I say that at any major tournament any team wants to have the easiest group possible. Nobody wants to fight to the death in the very first matches, although it is just the fear — nobody wants to leave the competition at the very early stage.

Our group is makes me feel ambiguous: on the one hand, one realizes how hard will this be, but on the other, it is still the World Championship, you should be ready to meet any opponent, be ready to beat any team. If you are afraid of someone, then what kind of champion are you?

About other Six Invitational 2020 groups

Group А ru Team Empire, us DarkZero Esports, br FaZe Clan, au Fnatic
Group C: sg Giants Gaming, br Ninjas in Pyjamas, br Team Liquid, br MIBR
Group D: au Wildcard Gaming, us Team Reciprocity, fr BDS Esport, eu G2 Esports

gbJack "Doki" Robertson
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Of all groups, group A and B are the strongest — there are ru Team Empire, eu DarkZero Esports, us Team SoloMid, us Spacestation Gaming, eu Rogue and, of course, gb NAVI. All of them are looking to win, and can do it!

Group C will be very interesting as it has 3 out of the 4 Brazilian teams within it: These guys are very well practiced in playing each other so I expect it to be one of the more “closer” groups in terms of scores, anyone could win. Group D has two strong EU teams in it — fr BDS Esports and eu G2 Esports, so it's going to be interesting. fr BDS Esport and eu G2 Esports have a history with one another, so again I'm sure these games will be close and people should keep an eye out for them.

frCyril "jahk" Renoud

In my opinion, Group A is the most balanced group. ru Team Empire versus us Dark Zero is going to be one of the bests games we’ll have in the group phase! With the recent changes in the au Fnatic roster, it will be interesting to see how they will perform in an international competition.

Group C has sg Giants Gaming lost among the Brazilians! The fight will be hard in this mini Brazilian Pro League. From the results of their last games, br Team Liquid and br Ninjas in Pyjamas are in a good shape, but br MIBR appearing to have some problems at the start of this season. But don’t forget that in the last  Pro League sg Giants Gaming eliminated eu Rogue,  showing great talent, so we’re not immune to a surprise.

For me, Group D is the less interesting group. I think eu G2 Esports will have no problem to take the first place. For the second place, it will be either fr BDS Esport or us Team Reciprocity: both teams are equivalent in level. au Wildcard Gaming will have a hard time though.

byYaroslav "N1ghtEnd" Klochko

Many will agree that group A turned out to be the most interesting. One representative from each region, four different playing styles - these are the matches you expect from a major international tournament. The fact that in Group C we see three teams from Brazil, in my opinion, speaks about the shortcomings of the drawing process itself, although it was difficult to do something different because each region is represented by a different number of teams.

With all due respect to eu G2 Esports and the other members of Group D, I find it funny that the team, which, during the competition season, missed all its opportunities to get to the event, received not only a direct invitation to the tournament but also one of the easiest groups.

Again, on paper, everything may look simple and obvious, but when it comes to the tournament itself, there are many different factors that influence the final result.

There is no obvious favorite at Six Invitational 2020, really everyone can win.

Six Invitational 2020 will be held from February 7 to 16. The championship will be attended by 16 teams from different parts of the world, including gb Natus Vincere.