DreamLeague Season 13: fighting Team Liquid

Dota 2 / News / 23 January 2020 — 08:10

The game starts at 13:30 CET

Having fallen into the lower bracket of DreamLeague Season 13, ua Natus Vincere will face  se Team Liquid there. Match format — best of 3.

This opponent is very familiar with the “yellow-black”: a few days ago the teams met each other in the group stage of the championship. Then our guys confidently won with a score of 2: 0, and it was this victory that allowed  ua NAVI to take first place in the group.

se Team Liquid then lost to  us Evil Geniuses and hit the lower bracket of the playoffs. The first rival of the team was another representative of the CIS - ru The Bo1 turned out to be quite memorable — no Taiga, pos4 support, managed to save his team from the defeat towards the very end.

se Team Liquid is strong, no doubt, but the last game between today's rivals went without any problems for the Born to Win, so we hope that the guys get ready for the match and show the same confident game! #navination

DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major (best of 3)
January 23, 13:30 CET
0 : 2
Natus Vincere
  • Crystallize
  • MagicaL
  • 9pasha
  • W_Zayac
  • illias

Team Liquid
  • qojqva
  • miCKe
  • Boxi
  • iNSaNiA
  • Taiga