NAVI in GLL Season 4 regional finals!

PUBG / News / 24 January 2020 — 22:29

The debut of the renewed NAVI lineup

The organizers of GLL Season 4 announced the list of teams that will take part in the regional finals, skipping the qualifying stage. The invitation was received by the best teams of the third phase of the PUBG Europe League: ru Natus Vincere, eu FaZe Clan, eu Team Liquid, fi Saunabois, nl Zoekt een Naam, eu Ninjas in Pajamas, as well as the winner of the third season of the Global Loot League — ru Team Unique.

Teams from the qualifiers will join the squads that have received a direct invitation. Regions of the CIS, Europe and MEA will unite in EMEA. The regional finals themselves will be tentatively held from 7 to 9 February, six games each day. The start time of the matches will be announced later. A total of 16 teams will be entering GLL Season 4 Grand Finals: the exact distribution of slots at the moment is also unknown.

The grand finals of the tournament will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, from February 28 to March 1. The prize pool will be $ 150,000.