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CS2 / News / 27 January 2020 — 14:28

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ua NAVI.Junior is getting better and better results! Yesterday, in the , our youth squad won against dk Tricked 2-0 and reached the final of the lower bracket.

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ru Kirill "" Gospadarov (age 20, Team leader, AWPer) 
ru Eugene "" Karyat (age 19, entry fragger, 2nd AWPer) 
ru Ilya "" Osipov (age 14, 2nd AWPer) 

ua Valeriy "" Vakhovskiy (age 19, entry fragger) 
ua Ivan "" Koplenko (age 18, lurker, support) 
ua Rodion "" Smyk (age 19, lurker) 
ua Aleksey "" Topchienko (age 20, support) 
ua Andrey "" Saribekyan (age 16, support) 

ua Amiran "" Rekhviashvili (coach)

On January 28, ua NAVI.Junior will continue their journey at the tournament and play against fi HAVU. The match starts at 12:00 CET. Don't miss it! #navination