ICE Challenge 2020: semifinal

CS2 / News / 4 February 2020 — 19:13

The match starts at 15:00 CET

In the semifinals of the ICE London Challenge, a ua NAVI — eu GODSENT match will take place. The match will begin on February 5th at 15:00 CET and will be held in the best of 3 format.

The teams' paths had already crossed in the tournament, and back then the victory went to ua NAVI (2 : 1). So our team got the chance to advance from the group from the first place. To do so, it was necessary to beat eu OG, and our guys successfully managed to do so (2 : 0). As for eu GODSENT, the Europeans kept their spot in the championship by defeating fi ENCE (2 : 0).

In the quarter-finals, eu GODSENT faced kz and won (2-0). Recall that the previous time ua NAVI and eu GODSENT faced each other was on Nuke (16: 7), Dust2 (12: 16) and Train (16: 13). We hope that NAVI players will be able to defeat the European team again and reach the ICE London Challenge Grand Final! #navination

ICE Challenge 2020 (BO3)
February 5 at 15:00 CET
0: 0
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