Six Invitational 2020: preview

R6 / News / 6 February 2020 — 08:00

The main tournament of the year in the discipline!

On February 7, the starts, in which gb Natus Vincere participates. Let's analyze the upcoming championship in more detail.

The competition will be held in two stages: on February 7–9, the group's matches will be held, and on February 11–16 — the playoffs will be played. 16 participants are divided into 4 groups in the GSL format with 4 teams each.

The two best teams of each group will enter the playoffs with the Double Elimination bracket. All matches will be best of 3, except for the grand finals (best of 5). Moreover, the team that passed through the upper bracket will have the advantage of one map.

The championship prize pool this year is a record amount for the discipline — $ 3,000,000, and the winner of the tournament will receive one—third of this amount. The venue has not changed — it 's the sports arena "Place Bell" located in Montreal, Canada. The stadium holds 10,000 people.

Arena at Six Invitational 2019 ()

All 16 teams representing different regions of the world qualified due by winning various championships, regional qualifications or as participants in the Pro League Season 10 LAN finals. The exception is the current world champion — eu G2 Esports: this team spent a somewhat controversial season and was unable to get the slot through qualifiers, but in the end, they got invited directly by the tournament organizers.

As for gb Natus Vincere, our guys got an invitation because they reached the LAN—final of the tenth season of Pro League. The Born to Win won first place in the regional league and then in the world championship. The invite is absolutely well-deserved, although the team is approaching the start of Six Invitational 2020 with not the best results in the .

In the , gb NAVI will face eu Rogue, a well-known opponent in the regional League; us Team SoloMid — the winner of DreamHack Montreal, now the leader in the American Pro League (with a score of 6 wins and 1 draw); as well as the us Spacestation Gaming — winner of the United States Nationals 2019 and Six Invitational 2020 qualifications. The group is very strong and, one might say, balanced in terms of the level of participants: there are no clear favorites or outsiders in the group. It will be extremely difficult!

in the tournament is against (February 7 at 16:15 CET)

As for the other groups, ru Team Empire stands out in group A — one of the best teams of the season, as well as the leader of the rating. "Empire" are the favorites in the championship, so not going to the playoffs will be a big hit. But if you look at the opponents, including br FaZe Clan, us DarkZero Esports and au Fnatic, the place in the playoffs for the former world championship runner-up seems already reserved.

Group C, in turn, looks like the Brazilian carnival, which was accidentally attended by Singaporeans from the ex-Aerowolf, now under the flag of sg Giants Gaming. This very curious team will fight against br Ninjas in Pyjamas, br MIBR and br Team Liquid. There are no obvious favorites — anyone can surprise!

The most obvious in terms of results is the last group, where the strongest teams seem to be the eu G2 Esports and fr BDS Esport. However, at this kind of championship one can never be sure until the very end: just remember the gb NAVI vs. au Wildcard Gaming , where the Australians were close to come out on top. And us Team Reciprocity should not be discounted either: the latest team results are quite good.

Group A
ruTeam Empire
usDarkZero Esports
brFaZe Clan
Group B
gbNatus Vincere
usTeam SoloMid
usSpacestation Gaming
Group C
sgGiants Gaming
brNinjas in Pyjamas
brTeam Liquid
Group D
auWildcard Gaming
usTeam Reciprocity
frBDS Esport
euG2 Esports

One thing is for certain: the will be an incredibly interesting event, which will be interesting to follow even for the viewers who are far not familiar with the discipline. We are confident that gb NAVI will approach the start of the championship in a great mood and be able to show their best game. Be sure to support the Born to Win in Montreal! #navination