BLAST Premier Spring Series: versus Complexity

CS2 / News / 9 February 2020 — 18:52

The game starts at 20:30 CET

Group B finals will see ua NAVI fight withus Complexity. The match will begin on February 9 at 20:30 CET and will be held in the best of 3 format.

Before the start of the group stage  us  Complexity were the main underdogs of this tournament, but after two days the American organization proved the opposite. First, the European team defeated dk Astralis (2 : 0), and went on to beat fr Vitality (2:0). Thus,  us Complexity were the first to secure their place in Spring Finals!

Until now, the paths of the current  ua NAVI and  us Complexity rosters have not crossed. In the last three months, us  Complexity has had  the best results on Train (2 wins and 0 losses) and Mirage (6 wins and 1 loss). Their worst map is Inferno (1 win and 5 losses). Still, they don't have a permaban map. We hope that  ua Natus Vincere will show a good game and get the best seeding in Spring Finals! #navination

BLAST Premier Spring Series (BO3)
February 9 at 20: 30 CET
Natus Vincere
  • s1mple
  • electroNic
  • Boombl4
  • flamie
  • Perfecto
  • oBo
  • RUSH
  • blameF
  • k0nfig
  • poizon