Valentine's Day: NAVI Edition

News / 14 February 2020 — 21:04

The best of NAVI social media on a romantic holiday!

On Valentine's Day, social networks are filled with nice postcards, cute videos and charming messages. We have collected the best post dedicated to the most romantic holiday of the year. Still, wondering how to congratulate your soulmate this evening in an original way? Scroll down: especially for you, we have a couple of interesting options!

Themed postcards are an essential attribute of Valentine's Day!

Up-to-date and creative valentine's card from " community...

... And a very hot card — from !

Love is a wonderful emotion. And it doesn't matter to whom or to what your heart belongs!

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Get someone to look at you the same way that ua s1mple looks at AMD Ryzen™!

ua Natus Vincere’s YouTube channels have posted several thematic videos. So, by NAVI.Apex Legends and ua NAVI.Junior started looking for soul mates for their teammates on Tinder, and the Rainbow Six team filled out profiles for dating so that everyone could definitely find a potential partner.