QPL S1 Stage 2: cYpheR vs vengeurR

Quake / News / 16 February 2020 — 11:23

The match starts at 21:00 CET

Today by Alexei “cYpheR” Yanushevsky will fight with it Marco “vengeurR” Ragusin in the second stage of Quake Pro League Season 1. The fight will take place on Corrupted Keep,  Awoken and Blood Covenant.

The upcoming match is the last at this stage and is of great importance to  it vengeurR. While  by cYpheR has settled down in the middle of the standings and does not have any opportunities to get to the first lines, Marco needs to achieve the highest possible result in order to break out into the lead.

Recall that the players who take the first two places in their regions will start the playoffs right from the quarterfinal stage, the two worst participants will play the relegation matches, and the rest of the players will just be seeded in the bracket.

VengeurR ()

As for Marco Ragus, he is to some extent fresh blood for the Quake professional scene. He started with Quake Live and then established himself in Quake Champions. it VengeurR' results are still modest, but he is a dangerous player.

There is no doubt: the duel will be very difficult for by cYpheR, but at the same time, our player has the opportunity to test some ideas or effective tactics. We believe that Alexei will make every effort to achieve victory! #NAVINATION