New exclusive Thermite skin!

R6 / News / 18 February 2020 — 19:00

The skin costs 300 credits (270 for Year Pass)

An exclusive Thermite weapon skin is now available! The  556xi assault rifle in ua Natus Vincere colors is perfect for every fan of our team!

The cost of the skin is 300 credits, and the owners of Year Pass have the opportunity to purchase it for  270 credits.

This is not the first skin of our team in the game — has such a skin, as well as , used by Bandit. They are also made in the traditional yellow-black palette.

Recall that on August 18, Ubisoft  16 teams participating in the second phase of the pilot program, according to which the developer of Rainbow Six Siege will support esports organizations and distribute a portion of the revenue between them.