IEM Katowice 2018 EU Qualifiers: The end of the run

CS2 / News / 4 February 2018 — 18:54

The end of the run

The next series of uaNAVI.GG.BET was against a Danish team dkNorth in the lower bracket of IEM Katowice 2018 EU Qualifiers. The series went the way of dkNorth, as we lose the series 1-2, leaving the qualifiers.

Picks and bans

Natus Vincere


Game 1 - Natus Vincere [0:1] North

The first game of the series started off on the right foot for uaNatus Vincere, as we managed to take the matters into our own hands right away, taking a sizeable advantage before the opponent managed to get a single round on board. Even when they did take the first buy round, uaNAVI followed it up with a reset and another streak.

A good play from the squad secured us more rounds - even if the 8th round was taken by the opponent again, the next round had the only player from dkNorth left alive. However, as we dropped a couple of rounds, we found the economy in a somewhat bad position and had to eco once. We still managed to claim the first half 9:6, with a 3 round advantage.

The second half kicked off with a victory for dkNorth, and they caught up to us, bringing the score to 9:9. We dod not allow them to get an advantage just yet, The teams traded rounds, neither team getting a decisive advantage over the other. The game was as close as ever, as both teams were still trying to find a solid foundation for the half.

Still, the opponent managed to get ahead of us, as dkNorth claimed the 15th round and a match point. We denied 2 of those, pulling ourselves together, but at 14:15, the T side managed to quickly enter and killed most of our squad quite fast, as we lose the first game 14:16.

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [1:1] North

The pistol round on de_mirage went our way, as uaNAVI capitalized on it to claim 3 rounds. dkNorth managed to win the buy round, but it did not do them a lot of good economically, as we reset them right after. We looked dominant on the map, as the opponents were struggling to get much done on the map, while we secured ourselves a strong lead.

The scoreline eventually hit 8:1, as we started working on making the advantage as big as possible. Only 10 rounds in did dkNorth took a point for themselves, but we did not let them transform it into a comeback, as we broke 2 digits pretty soon The half concluded with 12:3 on the board.

The second half started off with uaZeus left in a 1v2, soon to become 1v1 and plant. This transformed into the first and second round of the half, as we came to the first match point - 15:2. We had 13 match points to work with, but did not feel like making the game go further than needed - the second map goes to uaNAVI, as we go to map 3!

Game 3 - natus vincere [1:2] North

The map 3 started with the pistol round taken by dkNorth alongside the next one, yet the round 3 saw an upset by uaNAVI. We got reset very soon, though, as we found ourselves 4 rounds down without much of an opening in any round. As the half was coming to the end, though, we managed to snatch several rounds, getting some points back. First half ended in 6:9, as we move into the second half with some work to do.

The second pistol went to the opponent yet again, and the round 2 force buy did not work out for us, as we had to eco on round 3. The first buy round worked out well for uaNAVI, and we went on a streak, making the disadvantage a lot less threatening. The first match point, though, came at 9:15, but we denied it successfully in a bid to make it to the overtime. That, though, did not happen, as the next round saw dkNorth get a man advantage very swiftly, and the last 2 players on our team did not make it happen. The game ends with 10:16, as we leave the qualifiers.