LEGENDS.BET L33T CUP: vs HellRaisers

CS2 / News / 25 February 2020 — 21:41

The game starts at 16:00 CET

In the quarterfinal of LEGENDS.BET L33T CUP, ua NAVI Junior - ua HellRaisers fight will take place. The match will start at 16:00 CET and will be in the best of 3 format.

If ua HellRaisers ended up in the playoffs immediately after the group stage, then our team had to go through the "Last Chance" to reach this stage. Thus, ua NAVI Junior managed to achieve this goal by defeating bg Skin Ogres in the final of the lower bracket (2: 1).

In the past three months, ua HR has had the best results on Vertigo (4 wins, 2 losses) and Overpass (5 wins, 3 losses). It is worth noting that theuaHellRaisers do not have a map, which they constantly ban out. ua HellRaisers' worst performance on Inferno - 2 wins and 3 losses. We hope that ua NAVI juniors will study the opponent’s game well and will go to the next round of the playoffs! #navination

February 27 at 16:00 CET
NAVI Junior
  • Gospadarov
  • B1t
  • kapacho
  • Aunkere
  • Topa
  • ANGE1
  • Crushing
  • AiyvaN
  • Flarich
  • nukkye