Quake Pro League Stage 2: First day of the tournament.

Quake / News / 29 February 2020 — 10:02

The start of the first cYpheR match is scheduled for 10:00 CET.

Today by  Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky will start his performance in the LAN-final of the second stage of the first season of Quake Pro League. Alexey's starting opponent will be a player from the U.S. - us Justin "Effortless" Yergeau.

This opposition is not particularly difficult for by cYpheR: there are no serious achievements in the career of us Effortless, and in the LAN-final of the last stage he lost the first game. At the regular stage, the player took seventh place in his region, while in the world ranking he finished in 18th place, which still allowed Justin to go to the playoffs.

Matches with CYPHER
Match date Match
February 29th:
Finished  by cYpheR [2 : 0] Effortless us
Finished by cYpheR [2 : 0] psygib us
March 1st:
Finished by cYpheR [0 : 2] rapha us
Finished by cYpheR [0 : 2] baSe ru

It should be noted that today by cYpheR will have one more fight in the championship. In case Alexei wins, his opponent will be us Moses "psygib" Salas. If our player drops to the bottom bracket of the tournament, the opponent is still unknown there.

Be sure to join the live broadcast of the championship and support by cYpheR! Alexey will surely thank his fans with spectacular shooting and positive results! #navination

First map — Corrupted Keep — cYpheR [12 : 2] Effortless

The start of the series was easy enough for by cYpheR. From the very start of the map, Alexei took control of the game, starting to get frags one after another.

us Effortless managed to answer with one kill, and also made another one at the end of the map. It wasn't enough even to get close to the number of Alexei's frags, who perfectly played Sorlag. 12 : 2 - by cYpheR led the series!

Second map — Ruins of Sarnath — cYpheR [13 : 2] Effortless

The second map was also very simple for our player. Alexei experienced only small issues at the start of the game: otherwise, he was doing kill after kill. As a result, the score 13 : 2 - by cYpheR LAN-final started with a triumph!

First map — Corrupted Keep — cYpheR [10 : 4] psygib

The first minutes of the game turned out to be successful for by cYpheR: our player made a few consecutive frags and took the lead. However, around the middle of the game, the opponent stepped up and managed to reduce the difference between players to only two kills - 6 : 4.

But this was not enough to reverse the game. Alexei took 4 more frags and eventually came out as the winner in the first map - 10 : 4.

Second map — Blood Run — cYpheR [7 : 6] psygib

Blood Run, in turn, started very quickly: the opponent exchanged the same number of frags by the second minute - 3 : 3. And players clearly did not want to stop on this score.

The second half of the game turned out to be very tense for Alexei, who at first conceded and only at the end managed to level the score - 6 : 6. The game reached Sudden Death, where both players acted very carefully. For three minutes nobody could make a decisive blow but at one moment by cYpheR was a bit luckier and won the meeting - 7 : 6!