Quake Pro League Stage 2: day 1 recap

Quake / News / 29 February 2020 — 18:55

Two matches — two victories!

The first day of the LAN final of the Quake Pro League Stage 2 came to an end. by Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky fought worthily in two matches and won in both of them!

Alexei's first opponent was us Justin "Effortless" Yergeau, who became the eighth in the regular season in his region. The opponent wasn't the most dangerous, and by cYpheR didn't mince the matter with him: 12 : 2 on Corrupted Keep and 13 : 2 on Ruins of Sarnath. A confident victory with a score of 2: 0, which allowed him to go to the next stage of the upper bracket.

After 6 hours, Alexei encountered another representative of the North American Quake scene - us Moses “psygib” Salas. This opponent looked much more dangerous, but on the first map, Corrupted Keep, he did not pose any problems: 10: 4 - a confident victory for by cYpheR.

СYpheR and COOLLERZ at the tournament in Katowice

On Blood Run, us psygib started playing more carefully and even had some lead. However, Alexei equalized the number of frags - 6: 6 - and transferred the map to Sudden Death. For an additional three minutes, the rivals could not identify a winner, but it was by cYpheR who made the kill that brought him the victory on the map and in the series (7 : 6).

Alexei finishes the game day in a good mood, and tomorrow he will have to fight with an extremely strong opponent - us Team Liquid representative us Shane "rapha" Hendrixson. The start of the meeting is scheduled for 10:00 CET. Be sure to join the broadcast and support by cYpheR! #navination