Electronic: «Everyone's got potential»

CS2 / News / 1 March 2020 — 12:10

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After the victory of our team over dk Astralis, gameinside reporters interviewed ru Denis “electronic” Sharipov. The  ua NAVI player talked about the potential of our team, analyzed the match with dk Astralis, and also shared his thoughts with  fr G2.

What can you say about G2? Have you watched their games?

— Yes, we did. The guys play well, one won't make it into the finals otherwise. They've beaten quite a few top [teams]. This will be a good battle. 

Zonic said that he was carefully preparing for a match with your team. Did you feel it?

— Yes, it was clear that they had developed some strategies against us, but before the game we already knew about their readiness and understood how we could surprise them, how we would act against what they knew about us.

Does the empty Spodek help, or is there more pressure?

— The stadiums have never made me more nervous. Of course, it’s a shame that there are no spectators, it would be much more emotional with them. It's ru  Perfecto's first time in such an arena, and it's really unfortunate he didn't get to experience the crowd.

S1mple said this is the strongest NAVI squad he played in. What about you?

— Agreed. Each player has huge potential. If we develop in the right direction, we can show our strength.

Have you hit the ceiling yet?

— Nope. We've been playing for just 2 weeks, maybe even a bit less. We had three days before the Blast and ICE Challenge, and 1 week prior to Katowice. But we always work. Even if we do not play, we are working on the game, correcting errors and improving communication. 

Tomorrow is the finals day. Any words for the CIS, where some of your most loyal fans are?

— We are glad that they support us so much. I think this would not have happened without this support. Everyone is trying to support.