publications-bg ranking: NAVI — 1st place

CS2 / News / 9 March 2020 — 19:29

The Born to Win topped the ranking.

In the world ranking of, ua NAVI climbed to the first line! In many respects, this was facilitated by the excellent game in Katowice and the victory in the tournament. The top three now looks like this: ua Natus Vincere, dk Astralis and eu mousesports.

As for other changes in the top 10, se fnatic dropped two lines and is now in 6th place. fr G2 and us Liquid, in turn, took advantage of the fall of the Swedish team, moving to 4th and 5th positions, respectively. Also, au 100 Thieves and fr Vitality changed their places. ranking
Place Team Points Rating change
1 ua NAVI 853 +1
2 dk Astralis 847 -1
3 eu mousesports 639 -
4 fr G2 634 +1
5 us Team Liquid 577 +1
6 se fnatic 565 -2
7 us EG 371 -
8 eu FaZe Clan 347 -
9 au 100 Thieves 337 +1
10 fr Team Vitality 303 -1

Soon our guys will have a great opportunity to strengthen their position in the ranking. We are talking about the regular season of the ESL Pro League, which will be held from March 16 to April 12. We hope that our guys will be able to properly prepare for the upcoming championship and show a decent result! #navination