ESL Pro League S11 will be held online

CS2 / News / 11 March 2020 — 22:46

The organizer has taken precautionary measures due to the coronavirus.

ESL announced that the Pro League S11 group stage will be held online. As for the final part of the competition, it will be held in a closed studio without spectators.

It was originally planned that the group stage matches will be held in Malta, and the final stage will be held in Denver (USA). ESL representatives noted that they will bring together all the teams in Europe - so the teams will be able to play with no difference in ping. In addition, the tournament organizer promised to refund the money for purchased tickets.

Dates for ESL Pro League Season 11 are from March 16 to April 12. The prize pool for the competition is $ 750,000. Previously, the seeding of the group stage took place, where ua NAVI put in group B. We believe that the changed circumstances will not prevent our guys to show a good game and go to the final stage of the tournament! #navination