ESL Pro League has temporarily returned regional divisions.

CS2 / News / 14 March 2020 — 14:22

Changes in the tournament format.

After the news that all regular-season matches will be held online and the LAN-final will be held in the ESL studio, the organization informed that regional divisions will be back in the eleventh season to ensure that the coronavirus is not spread. So, the participants of the championship are divided into European and American divisions.

br Sharks and au Renegades withdrew from the tournament - but they will retain their places in the League. Both teams will spend this period at home to ensure the safety of the players. It is reported that one of the vacant places will be taken by us Swole Patrol. Moreover, the slot of dk Heroic in the league has been taken over by de BIG.

Thus, the tournament organizers formed three new groups for the European division and two for the American. Two changes have taken place in the ua NatusVincere group: dk North has taken the place of br FURIA, and de BIG has replaced dk Heroic.

NAVI match schedule
Teams Start time Details Match page
March 17
NAVI00dk North 18:00 Read
March 19
NAVI00de BIG 18:00 Read
March 21
NAVI00ru forZe 18:00 Read
March 23
NAVI00us Complexity 22:00 Read
March 24
NAVI00se fnatic 18:00 Read

In Europe, the group stage will be held in two stages. The winners of the first round will move to the second, and the teams that take second and third places will play the remaining three slots in additional matches. The winner of the second round will receive a slot in the final of the competition, and their opponent will be the best team of the remaining participants.

As for the dates of the competition, they have not changed - the tournament will be held from March 16 to April 12. The prize pool of the championship will be $ 750,000. We believe that, despite all the games online, our guys will show first-class CS and win the tournament! #navination